3 Unconventional Bridesmaid Dress Looks and How They Can Work for Your Wedding: Gold Sequins, Pure White and Jumpsuit Bridesmaid Dresses.

3 Unconventional Bridesmaid Dress Looks and How They Can Work for Your Wedding: Gold Sequins, Pure White and Jumpsuit Bridesmaid Dresses.

Dare to be different and dress your leading ladies in something you wouldn't usually see in wedding albums! At Fashionably Yours, we have a gorgeous and diverse range of bridesmaid dresses to suit any bride's wedding style- even if that style strays from the ordinary.

If you're after something daring, unusual, contemporary or a little bit extra, read on to work these dazzling and extraordinary bridesmaid looks in to your unique wedding experience. 

1/ Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

It might be a bit daunting to inject this level of glamour in to just any wedding. In the wrong setting, gold sequin bridesmaid dresses can be overpowering, and dare I say, tacky. The secret is, elevate every other aspect of your wedding to match! 

Gold sequin bridesmaid dresses are so reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour, and provide the perfect opportunity to play up this aesthetic in your theme. Think old abandoned warehouse, spruced up with hints of sparkles and feathers throughout the decorations, and bright red roses in the floral arrangements. 

And of course the most important decision for brides when it comes to gold sequin bridesmaid dresses: "But what do I wear?"

Make sure the wedding dress remains the most prominent garment of all by opting for dramatic ball-gown styles with a bit of shimmer, like the Dacia Wedding Gown by Moonlight Bridal. Now you're ready to go out and chase the most perfect happy ending in Hollywood history! 

Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses - Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding

Bridesmaid Dress from Left to Right: Thread Bridesmaids Style TH054, Thread Bridesmaids Style TH058, After Six Style 6846, After Six Style 6845

2/ White Bridesmaid Dresses

White has long been reserved just for the bride; some may even consider it insulting to wear white to someone else's wedding! However white bridesmaid dresses have become the must-have trend for contemporary fashion-forward brides looking for a clean and streamlined wedding theme. White bridesmaid dresses look absolutely fantastic in curated garden wedding venues, complimented by manicured hedges and paired-back bouquets, and contrasted by the bright green flora.

The key to still having a stand-out white wedding dress against white bridesmaid dresses is a balance of variation and consistency. For example, pairing white chiffon bridesmaid dresses with a fully lace wedding gown like Lucia by Moonlight Bridal for that textural contrast, but keeping that diagonal of the V-neckline consistent across all dresses, either through similar V-necks or linear one-shoulder styles. In general, try to keep the same shade of white for the sleek and clean finish that forms the appeal of choosing white bridesmaid dresses, but play around with the textures, silhouettes and hemlines.

White Bridesmaid Dresses - Garden Wedding Fashionably Yours

Bridemaid Dresses from Left to Right: After Six Style 1547, Bella Bridesmaids Style BB131, Thread Bridesmaids Style TH025Thread Bridesmaids Style TH039.

3/ Pantsuits and Jumpsuits for Bridesmaids

Pantsuits and Jumpsuits are slowly coming in to vogue as bridesmaid dresses for contemporary weddings and brides with a minimalistic disposition. They are the perfect compliment to chic and elegant simple wedding dresses, like Abby by Pronovias, featuring sophisticated sleeves and a faux wrap drape.  Overall, this bridal party style suits the bride who subscribes to a different brand of femininity to the classical definition: one that encompasses strength, success and empowerment as well as beauty and grace. 

Run with the minimalistic approach and keep the colours and decorations simple to complete the elegant and modern bridal party styling! 

Pantsuits and Jumpsuits for Bridesmaids - Contemporary Minimalist Wedding Fashionably Yours