Booking Terms and Conditions:
We are only able to confirm your booking after we review the booking request. Your booking is confirmed once you receive a text confirmation.

Each Appointment is 1 hour.
Multiple appointments require pre-approval and are subject to availability on the day.
*Please note: Mother of the Bride/Groom bookings are only available between Mon-Fri.

Appointment Times:

Mon - Sat: 9-5PM
*Excluding public holidays

Booking Fees:
*All booking fees are redeemable (non-refundable) unless stated otherwise.
- Shona Joy appointments will incur a $50 Booking Fee.
- Bridesmaids, School formal, Special Occasion and Mother of the Bride/Groom Appointments will incur a $20 Booking Fee.  Please note this in your booking form, so that this can be organised prior to your appointment. 

-  All consecutive appointments will incur an additional not redeemable fee of; (a) $20 for bridesmaids, MOB/G, special occasion and school formals (b) $50 for bridal appointments.
- PS. 2nd appt will be free if you are coming in for a short visit  to confirm a dress and place an order.
- Cancellations/Rescheduling within 24hrs  will incur a fee.

Please note: Not all items requested may be available in our store. However we have a large variety of brands, sizes and colours that may be suitable to sample in store.

If you are coming specifically for a certain style, please call us on (02) 9487 4888 to check in-store availability prior to your appointment.

To ensure our high standards of service for both customers and staff, we reserve the right to decline bookings at our discretion.

Please note:
+ Sizing Appointments will incur a $100 Booking Fee
+ No show \ last minute cancellations will incur a $50 booking fee for the next appointment