Planning a wedding during COVID-19

Planning a wedding during COVID-19

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 may start off a bit like the above, however, don't be worried, we hope that these tips and tricks will help you to still be able to plan your wedding!

STEP 1: The cake

Don't worry, although we know that these toilet roll cakes are cute, we know that they're definitely not what you're after for your wedding cake! Get in touch with your local baker or wedding cake maker to organise a cake taster box. You can either pick it up or have it delivered to you!

STEP 2: The Wedding Dress + Bridesmaids!

Boutiques may have closed or you may simply not be able to go out of the house due to restrictions, but don't worry...WE'RE HERE FOR YOU! Utilise out TRY-AT-HOME SERVICE to have your dream dress delivered straight to your front door or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with today, because we're still open! Looking for a third option? Book in a VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT and have a consultation with one of our bridal stylists who can help you with everything from styling to trying on the dresses that you've seen online and love!

And did you know that all of these services are available for your bridesmaids too?! TRY YOUR possible  BRIDESMAIDS dresses from the comforts of your homes, and then do a video call to see the looks! Click the link below for more info!

STEP 3: The Photographer

Luckily this one is probably the easiest of them all! Photographers are great because all of their portfolio's are online. Once you've scouted a few photographers that you love, all you have to do is get in touch! Whether it's email or a video call, the option is yours.

STEP 4: The Wedding Invitation

If you don't want to do it yourself, hire a freelance graphic designer to create your wedding invitations for you! You can still have them printed and shipped to all of your guests, but in this day and age, we say that emailing is also okay.

STEP 5: So Virtual Venue Tours are a thing?

Don't let the travelling restrictions get to you! We hear that a mountain of wedding venues are doing virtual guided tours, video calls and might even have 360-degree virtual tours available on their websites. Hopefully this will be enough to find the one or short-list your possibilities.

We hope this has helped your wedding planning and let us know if there's ever anyway we can help you with your wedding/bridesmaids dresses 

With love, 

The FY Team x