Mermaid vs Trumpet Bridal Gowns: Which one is better for me?

In our previous post, we covered ballgown and A-line bridal styles for those who are looking for flared designs from the waist down. You can click here to refer back to it if you're also interested in flared designs. In this article, we'll be discussing mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses and see what makes them similar, what sets them apart and how to pick the right style for you.

You might have already heard of the term 'mermaid' before when talking about a certain fitted dress style. Trumpet dresses are very similar but usually less heard of than mermaid dresses. In short, both dresses refer to fitted dresses that are rather figure-hugging but with a flared hem. The main difference between trumpet and mermaid styles is the level at which the cut flares out: the former widens around mid-thigh level, whereas the latter flares further down, around knee level. 

The main point to take into consideration when deciding between a mermaid and trumpet style is how curvy you already are and how defined you would like your silhouette to be.Trumpet dresses would be easier to get around and dance with as their flare starts further up which gives that added comfort throughout the day, so we would usually recommend that style more than mermaid dresses. However, each person's body shape is different and some would look better in the mermaid style because it often gives the illusion of having more curves since the flare begins around knee level. Thus, if you would like to accentuate your hip area or have more of an hourglass figure, we would recommend mermaid dresses. If on the other hand your waist and hips are already well defined and would like something fitted without accentuating the hips further, then the trumpet design would be your best bet. 

Moreover, the fabric and design of each dress play a very big role in regards to comfort and overall look. For instance mermaid dresses with a fabric that's even slightly stretchy or designs that have a side slit make it much more comfortable to walk or dance in. If the fabric is plain without much beading or embellishments, you could even have it altered and add a slit if you like the mermaid look but worried about it not being comfortable enough for the whole day. This is specially applicable for those who don't like thin or stretchy fabric and prefer thicker material (for instance if you're too conscious of your tummy area and don't feel that body shapers are enough to make you feel comfortable in thin fabrics).

Since each woman has different proportions,height and body parts, it is difficult to generalize but there are a few key points to consider when deciding between the two styles. If you have rather large breasts for instance, it would be best to avoid mermaid styles as this might make your silhouette look out of proportion (unless your hips and waist are well defined). On another note, mermaid dresses give a more elongating effect so it would be best to opt for that style if you are average or petite. These few tips should give you a clearer idea about what would be best for you but if you still are unsure, our stylists in our Wahroonga bridal store will be pleased to guide you through the selection and make sure to match you with the most flattering design for your silhouette!

Here are our stylist's top picks for mermaid and trumpet bridal gowns:

Yasmine by Calla Blanche Bridal Trumpet dress Wedding Gown

Yasmine by Calla Blanche Bridal

Cybill by Calla Blanche Bridal Store Sydney

Cybill by Calla Blanche Bridal

Desire Dress by Jadore JX1091 Bridal store Sydney

Desire Dress by Jadore  (jx1091) 

Mylie Wedding Dress Calla Blanche Bridal Sydney

Mylie Wedding Gown by Calla Blanche

Mia by Calla Blanche Bridal Sydney Wedding

Mia by Calla Blanche Bridal 

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