Our top suggestions for beach wedding dresses

Are you thinking of getting married by the beach? We are already imagining the nice breeze and the floral arrangements with the lovely might however be wondering what would the perfect bridal gown style be, or about the best pick for your bridesmaids dresses. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best designs for that special day.

When we think of a wedding by the beach, we think flowy, fresh, airy and light. Anything that is too heavy will not work well with the humidity that usually accompanies beach weddings. Therefore, we suggest ruling out halter neck dresses or designs that have a high neck as you might start feeling sticky and in need of air early on!

Bridal Gown suggestions

Fitted Bridal Gowns:

If you would prefer a style that is more on the fitted side, here are our top picks for you. Even though simple and light, they have beautiful details that will give added glam to your look. All of these dresses are light and elegant, giving you a beautiful silhouette while the V neckline will ensure you remain cool throughout the day.

cybill calla blanche l'amour beach wedding dresses sydney australia

Cybill by Calla Blanche Bridal (LA7279)

Dakota Lace Dress (9058)

Jadore JX047 Romance Wedding Dress

Flared and A-line Bridal Gowns:

If you would rather have a more flared design, make sure you opt for a style that is not too heavy as this would increase your chances of getting sweaty throughout the day. The three designs selected below will give you the flared look without the heaviness that usually comes with flared bridal gowns. The tulle and organza fabrics in these dresses are a great pick as they are light and give the volume you're looking for.

Valance Wedding Dress by French Collection by Wendy Makin

Merinda Gown Ivory by Portia & Scarlett 

Harper Wedding Dress W105 by Jadore Bridal

Best picks for your bridesmaids:

As mentioned earlier, make sure you avoid halter necks or dresses that have a high neckline as this would usually make them feel uncomfortable after a few hours due to  probable humidity. 

We suggest opting for dresses that are made out of a light chiffon or tulle as this would ensure your bridesmaids remain comfortable and cool throughout the day as opposed to heavier fabrics like thick crepes or fabrics that have a higher chances of feeling sticky such as jerseys and thin satins.

Another point worth considering when choosing bridesmaid dresses is to see how good it would match the bridal gown. For example, if the bridal gown is simple without many embellishments, avoid styles that contain lace or any details that might clash with the bride's overall look. Also, if her dress is an off-shoulder design, it would be preferable to go for different sleeve style. The idea is to opt for dresses that would be in harmony and compliment the bridal gown rather than draw attention away from it.

Below are our top picks, whether you're going for a fitted or A-line style:

Dessy Bridesmaids 3012

Dior Dress by Jadore J8034

Sydney Dress by Dessy Bridesmaids 2894

After Six Bridesmaid Dress Style 6766

After Six Bridesmaids style 1511

You are welcome to book an appointment with us to see and try out these or similar styles in our wedding dresses Sydney store in Wahroonga. Our stylists will make sure you find your perfect bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses.