Shocking Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Contrary to what the name suggests, this strikingly bright pink hue isn't necessarily a super shocking colour for bridesmaid dresses. Slot this pink in to a muted, cool neutral-based palette and Shocking Pink Bridesmaid Dresses will work well as a lively accent colour! 

Not sure about the colour, but in love with the dress? Fashionably Yours' Dessy Group collection of Bridesmaid Dresses offers 33-63 colour options for each dress, so don't stop here! Click on a product to see all the available colours. Mixing & matching the perfect wedding palette has never been easier!

The Dessy Group consists of Lovely Bridesmaids Dresses, Thread Bridesmaid Dresses, Bella Bridesmaids, After Six, Social Bridesmaids, Alfred Sung and Studio Design.

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