Choosing the Perfect Neckline for Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the Perfect Neckline for Your Wedding Dress

Creating or finding your dream wedding dress can always be difficult. This is why Fashionably Yours Bridal offers advice and assistance in changing a feature of a dress to make it your perfect wedding dress. Have the wedding gown of your dreams with the endless possibilities of making your wedding dress even more special. This blog specializes in the altering of necklines for your wedding dress, by comparing the different ways necklines can be changed to achieve your dream look. However, it is good to keep in mind that various other features of a wedding dress can be changed, if you would like more information and assistance please book an appointment or contact us. 

1/ The Sweetheart Neckline 

The most classic and romantic wedding dress neckline. Named after the way the bodice curves around the bust, dipping in the middle like a heart, the sweetheart neckline has pervaded bridal styles for centuries. The dresses pictured from left to right include the Geiranger Wedding Dress by PronoviasRafaela Wedding Gown by Calla Blanche Bridal and Phoenicia Wedding Gown by Pronovias.

2/ V-Neck Neckline

The diagonal lines created by a V-neckline can help give an illusion of height and slimness in a wedding dress. This neckline style ranges from demure to daring based on the depth of the V. Different straps can accompany the V-neck drop which ranges in comfort and support, with the thin spagetti straps, thick halter straps and triangle thick straps pictured. The dresses from left to right include; Albiorix Wedding Gown by PronoviasAethra Wedding Gown by Pronovias and Elia Princess Wedding Dress by Pronovias

3/ Sweetheart Plunge Neckline

This neckline is a stunning combination between a sweetheart and a V-neck as the sweetheart dip extends past the bust line in a sharp drop. To maintain the bodice structure, the gap will often have a tulle mesh backing that blends in to the skin. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Aegir Wedding Dress by PronoviasTeresa Wedding Dress by Calla Blanche Bridal and Despina Wedding Gown by Pronovias

4/ Deep V Plunge Neckline

For a V-neck that will turn heads, the deep V plunge neckline sinks deep past the bust line, sometimes even right to the waist, supported by tulle mesh. An alluring and sexy look, a deep V plunge adds drama to any style of wedding dress. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Joanne Wedding Dress by Calla Blanche BridalHeidi Wedding Dress by Calla Blanche Bridal and Dana Wedding Dress by Calla Blanche Bridal.

5/ Illusion Neckline

The illusion neckline features a sheer tulle bodice that blends with the skin to give the look of a strapless, while adding extra support. In sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve styles, illusion necklines can feature lace designs on the tulle which appear to be floating on the skin. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Panjin Wedding Dress by PronoviasClose Princess Wedding Gown by Pronovias, and Hati Wedding Gown by Pronovias.

6/ Straight Neckline

A straight neckline can offer more coverage across the bust than a sweetheart or a V-neck, while still providing a sultry decolletage moment in strapless and off-the-shoulder styles. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Zara Wedding Dress by Calla Blanche BridalLynn Wedding Gown by Pronovias and Oberon Wedding Gown by Pronovias

7/ Square Neckline

Adding vertical straps or sleeves, a straight neckline becomes a square, giving more support to the bodice while framing the chest and collarbones. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Bohol Wedding Gown by PronoviasKayla Wedding Gown by Calla Blanche Bridal and Joy Wedding Gown by Calla Blanche Bridal.   

8/ Boat Neckline

Boat necklines are a higher neckline, sitting on the collarbones and extending to the shoulders in a gentle curve. This style suits brides after a more conservative look in sleeved and sleeveless styles. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Dolce Wedding Gown by Calla Blanche Bridal, Anitra Wedding Dress by Pronovias and Calypso Wedding Dress by Calla Blanche Bridal. 

9/ Halter Neckline

For anyone wanting to show off their shoulders, halters cut away from under the arms straight to the neck. Halter necks can either be mirrored by a high back, or close independently at the nape of the neck to leave a low back or backless style.The dresses pictured from left to right include; Apollo Wedding Gown by PronoviasBernarda Wedding Gown by Pronovias and Uluru Wedding Gown by Pronovias.

10/ Draped/ Cowl Neckline

A draped or cowl neckline is formed by a continuous piece of fabric draping from one point of the bodice to the other. Draped and cowl necklines tend to give volume across the bust, making it a popular choice for flatter bust shapes. The dresses pictured from left to right include; Ribelia Wedding Gown by PronoviasAntiope Wedding Dress by Pronovias, and Abby Wedding Gown by Pronovias.

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