Discover Wona Concept: our top 10 picks from Wona Concept 2025

Discover Wona Concept: our top 10 picks from Wona Concept 2025

Step into the future of bridal couture with Wona Concept, poised to debut in 2025. A beacon of avant-garde elegance, we redefine bridal fashion by seamlessly blending timeless craftsmanship with daring innovation, promising unparalleled moments of luxury for brides worldwide.

At Wona Concept, we epitomize the artistry of bridal couture, meticulously crafting each gown to embody sophistication and comfort. Our debut collection is a testament to diversity and individuality, featuring a spectrum of styles—from classic opulence to contemporary chic—that cater to the discerning tastes of modern brides.

Prepare to embark on a journey where tradition meets cutting-edge design. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering passion for beauty, Wona Concept invites you to discover a realm where bridal dreams are transformed into breathtaking realities.

here are our top 10 picks for you:


Meticulously shaped neck-line detailed corset with a diagonal feathered floral ornament and beaded embroidery all over the dress.


Translucent femininity: round neck long sleeves top with detailed corset-like base and mermaid tail skirt. The whole dress hand-embroidered with small floral details.


Neat elegance: elongated strapped corset with smooth pointed neckline and detailing, smooth mermaid tail skirt.


Cinderella gown: heart-shaped neckline detailed corset and voluminous skirt made of semi-matte fabric.


Almost classic: heart-shaped neckline wrapped corset with a skirt consisting of two layers – the bottom skirt of smooth sleek fabric with an overskirt made of lightweight tulle and decorated with voluminous ruches on the edges.


Modern classics: detailed strapped corset with highlighted waistline and smooth skirt, featuring handcrafted embroideries all over the dress and complemented with a veil decorated with floral elements.


Timeless classics: straight neckline strapped corset with pointed bottom and flowing layered skirt. The dress features handcrafted floral embroidery.


Pearled waistline and bottom of the heart-shaped neckline detailed corset with a skirt descending from underneath the corset.


Deep round neck corset with pointed bottom and voluminous smooth fabric skirt.


Detailed strapped corset dress with straight bottom featuring rich floral handcrafted embroidery and complemented with lightweight shawl also embroidered with flowers.

Wona Concept is redefining bridal fashion with a commitment to high standards that set them apart. Their gowns, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisans using the finest materials, embody elegance and luxury. Innovating beyond traditional boundaries, Wona Concept offers a diverse range of styles—from timeless classics to avant-garde designs—that cater to modern brides seeking individuality. They prioritize a personalized experience, collaborating closely with each bride to customize every detail, ensuring their gown reflects personal style and enhances their unique beauty. With a global reputation for excellence, Wona Concept promises brides not just a garment, but an unforgettable statement of sophistication and grace for their special day.