How to Choose the Perfect Material for your Wedding Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Material for your Wedding Dress

The fabric of a wedding gown completely changes the look and overall effect of the wedding dress. Choosing fabric is based on the silhouette of the dress, whether you are leaning more towards an A-line gown, ballgown, tight fitted or mermaid dress. The wedding designers that we stock here at Fashionably Yours Bridal carefully choose materials and fabrics based on each wedding gown design. On request the material for all of these gowns can be changed to create the perfect wedding dress of your dreams. 

1/ Tulle Wedding Dresses

Tulle wedding dresses are beautiful as they have a delicacy to the fabric. Tulle is commonly used in wedding dresses to add full layers of volume to a ballgown or A-line wedding dress, or to create wispy tulle overlays that add shape throughout the bridal gown. The lightweight netting fabric will ensure you live out your fairy tale dreams in a Princess wedding gown. The tulle material can be used in a variety of different wedding dress silhouettes, with tulle being a perfect material to add volume and create dimension in the wedding gown. 

The Samara wedding gown pictured on the left, has a gorgeous mermaid silhouette, with the tulle fabric sitting at the perfect position on the high thigh point. This position creates a stunning shape on the back of the gown which is shaped downwards following the tulle lace train. The lace on the train flows beautifully with the tulle material, which demonstrates why tulle and lace is such a popular choice in bridal dresses. The lace detailing on the straps of this gown is a beautiful combination with the lightweight tulle mermaid skirt. The thin layers in the tulle are able to compliment lace, beading, pearls and sparkles beautifully. The wedding dress has a stunning tulle train which is a perfect choice for Brides wanting to dance the night away on their wedding day, as the tulle layers are comfortable and offer flexibility when you move around. The delicate neckline on this dress creates a sexy element to the wedding gown, with the lace on the bodice matching the thick lace straps perfectly. 

The tight fitted design is followed by the Zara wedding gown, which has a slight A-line silhouette, however is primarily a tight fitted gown. This wedding gown has it all, with a mix of beading, lace and tulle, it really has everything needed for your dream wedding dress. The tulle on this gown is placed throughout the skirt of the gown, with more tulle flowing from the thigh height of the dress to create a gorgeous silhouette on any bride to be. The bodice of this wedding gown is a tight fitted V neckline with lace embedded in the fitted bodice structure and through the thick straps. The back of this wedding gown has a stunning low open back V feature which matches the front of the wedding gown. There is lace enriched in the back of the dress, drawing more attention to the open back feature, as it creates a stunning border in shape. The material at the bottom of this dress is beautiful as it slightly flares out, drawing more attention to the lace detailing.

The Cherry wedding gown, pictured on the right is the definition of a tulle ballgown. The tulle material is essential for this bridal dress as it creates gorgeous dimension and shape throughout the dress. The tulle material flows naturally throughout the gown, with Calla Blanche Bridal's careful placement of tulle through the bodice, sleeves and waistline of the dress. The back of this gown has an added tulle feature, with a tulle bow which ties in beautifully with the off the shoulder styled sleeves. The ballgown styled skirt has layers of tulle which cascade down the wedding gown, creating a gorgeous shape. The tight fitted bodice structure on this gown is beautiful on this tulle wedding dress, as it divides the structure of the dress before the perfectly placed tulle feature. There is a stunning diamante feature on the waist line of this wedding dress which could be easily removed or replaced, however having that touch of sparkle adds an extra essence of elegance on this wedding gown.

2/ Mikado Wedding Dresses

Mikado wedding dresses is one of the most popular fabrics for A-line and ballgown styled wedding gowns. The Mikado material is a stunning heavy weight material which has a gorgeous sheen shine to the fabric. The material is perfect for sculptural designs and ballgown silhouettes, as the material is sure to hold the weight of the added height wanted in a gown. This fabric has design capabilities in combination with the beautiful material, the gowns created do not need many embellishments to make a spectacular wedding gown, as the simplistic styles speak for themselves.

The structured ballgown styled wedding gown, pictured in the centre, the Sedna wedding gown by Pronovias has all of the beautiful features that a Mikado wedding dress is known for. The bodice of this ballgown has pleating ruching which creates a gorgeous tight fitting shape. Along with this stunning ruching, there is statement off the shoulder sleeve which sits in a gorgeous position on the shoulder. This feature is beautiful on this dress, as the slight sheen element with the Mikado fabric adds to elegance of the simple wedding dress. The ruching on the bodice of this wedding dress flows along to the back of the gown, which is paired with gorgeous white button detailing that beautifully cascades down the back of the ballgown. The Mikado fabric is thick material that allows the design of this wedding gown to have timeless pleating that flows down the ballgown skirt of the dress, this feature adds more dimension to the wedding dress.

The Elenco wedding gown pictured on the left is stunning in the Mikado fabric, as the front of the gown mainly has simple features. The high neck styled wedding gown has a gorgeous simplicity which flows through the ballgown, with the detailed element being in the back of the dress. The lace in the back of the gown is arched in a V shape which draws the attention to this beautiful feminine feature, which has a delicate ribbon bow at the bottom of the V shape and small ivory buttons cascading down the back of the ballgown. The long sleeves on this dress are optional, as the Elenco wedding gown comes without the sleeves which is a perfect option for Weddings in the warmer climates. 

The final wedding gown out of this selection, is the beautiful Faye wedding dress, which has a stunning off the shoulder sweetheart neckline. This wedding gown shows how lace can beautifully be added onto a Mikado wedding gown, with the lace bodice being the centre point of this bridal gown. The lace finishes at the waistline which creates a gorgeous A-line silhouette to the ballgown wedding dress. The back of this wedding gown follows on with the lace detailing across the bodice and has button detailing that flows through the sheer lace material. The back of the ballgown skirt has a stunning curved train element which has a full royal effect to the wedding dress. 

3/ Crepe Wedding Dresses

Crepe wedding dresses have a beautiful elegance to the simplistic design of these dresses. Crepe wedding gowns mainly have less details and embellishments on the gown as the simple features of the dress is what Brides love most about this material. A touch of lace or beading can always be added to these simplistic designs, however the dresses speak for themselves, as you will feel timeless in this gorgeous silhouette. The crepe wedding gowns primarily have tight fitting and mermaid silhouettes, as the crepe material is almost silky in texture. 

The Antiope wedding gown featured on the left has all the simple elements perfect for a crepe wedding dress. The simplistic mermaid silhouette has a cowl neckline that drapes beautifully, with thin spaghetti straps which are a beautiful addition to the gown. The straps end at a perfect position on the back of the dress, which shows the open low back feature. The back of the dress follows on with the draped neckline, as there is draped material below the thin straps. This is paired with stunning delicate ivory buttons that cascade down the train of the wedding gown, creating a beautiful effect with this crepe material. This dress is perfect for Brides looking for a simplistic elegant crepe wedding gown for their wedding day. 

The Olympia wedding gown, pictured on the right has simple elements similar to the Antiope wedding dress. This wedding gown, however has more structure through the bodice of the dress, with the main element of this wedding dress being the corset styled bodice. The bodice has structure with boning and built in cups in the wedding dress. The small details on the wedding dress make this wedding gown beautiful, as the corset has pearl detailing trailing down the bodice. This feature truly is the embodiment of sophistication and elegance. The back of this wedding gown is stunning, as the bodice ties in with the back of the dress with the corset feature continuing and a slight mesh open back feature which is beautiful with all of the small details from the corset. The back of the dress further has beautiful buttons trailing along the centre of the gown, this feature is stunning as it matches with the femininity of the pearls on the corset. The best feature with this corset styled wedding gown, is the optional crepe sheath which is a perfect addition to this gown as it allows all of the details to be highlighted with the cut of the sheath. The sheath perfectly sits at the shoulders and has an open back feature which shows off the button detailing down the back of the gown. 

The wedding dress pictured in the centre, the Masazir wedding gown, beautifully incorporates lace into the design of the bridal dress. Pronovias bridal delicately placed the lace through the bodice and optional sleeves of this mermaid gown. This lace feature adds a sexy and flirty element to the wedding dress, as the lace is sheer underneath the cups, this is stunning as it adds shape with the bodice having boning through the corset. The lace is placed just over the crepe material, as it is combined where the bodice and waistline meet. This element in the dress makes the lace seamless into the wedding gown. The back of the gown perfectly aligns with the front of the wedding dress, as the sheer lace continues on, and looks beautiful with the simplistic white buttons that flow down the dress and make your eye view catch the cascading long simple train.  

4/ Chiffon Wedding Dresses

Chiffon is a gorgeous light weight material which adds dimension to wedding gowns with a buttery creamy texture which makes all Brides feel comfortable and beautiful on their wedding day. Chiffon wedding dresses mainly have beading and lace features on the bodice of the dress, and the beautiful chiffon material down the skirt, with this material primarily being made into A-line and mermaid styled wedding dresses. This fabric allows you to have a stunning A-line skirt without the extra weight and fabric that is commonly used on ballgown dresses. 

The Goblin wedding gown by Pronovias, pictured on the left demonstrates how beautiful and buttery the chiffon fabric looks. As the lightweight material effortlessly cascades from the waistline of the wedding dress. The wedding gown is enriched in a beautiful lace material, with the chiffon creating dimension and shape. The ivory chiffon is stunning on the back of the gown, as it matches the front of the wedding dress with the position coming from the waistline of the wedding dress. This start line shows the stunning detail in the lace, as it points your eyes to the lace and beading in the corset styled top. The back of the gown features beautiful ivory buttons which flow down the back of the bodice, and to the starting point of the chiffon A-line skirt. 

The Silvana wedding gown, pictured in the center demonstrates how chiffon can have a stunning A-line skirt with volume and dimension. The bodice of this dress has a feminine detail, as it is enriched in lace and beading that flows down the bodice and onto the start of the A-line skirt. This feature is beautiful from the back of the chiffon gown as it shapes the beading and lace into a stunning V line, making the straps thinner with the beading, as the straps become lower. The bodice pictured has a sheer element which is gorgeous as it shows off the stunning detail from the beading and lace, however if your dream wedding dress has a ivory or nude lining, the Calla Blanche dress can be ordered in your exact requirements. The starting point of the chiffon skirt shows the soft illusion this material has, which is beautiful from the back of the dress as the chiffon fabric flows into the cascading train. 

The Laurel wedding gown is the epitome of a perfect bohemian wedding dress. The lace and beading material on the bodice of this wedding gown has a beautiful floral and leaf design that effortlessly flows onto the back of the gown. The back of the bodice has a sexy element to the bridal dress with an open lace up feature. This feature adds a delicate touch to the gown which is a perfect addition to the lace features surrounding this wedding dress. The bell sleeves on this beautiful wedding gown sit at a gorgeous position on the dress, as the lace detailing flows onto the puffed sleeves. This feature is a gorgeous pair with the high neckline of the wedding gown, as it draws your eye line up towards your face. The bell sleeves have a delicate flutter cut which is beautiful on this dress, as this simple element created by the chiffon material perfectly matches the silhouette style of the A-line dress. This selection of chiffon wedding gowns demonstrates the ability the material has to transform a wedding dress. 

5/ Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace is the most common addition made to a wedding gown, as lace has the ability to give any white dress the classic bridal elegance. One of the beauties about the lace material, is the variety different types and designs of lace offers, with bohemian styled lace, 3D floral applique lace, scattered lace, classic vintage lace and a mix of lace and beading. Lace further is beautiful with no lining, ivory undertones and nude undertones as the lace will be more defined or hidden depending on your preference of fabric. 

The Dove wedding gown pictured on the left, is the perfect demonstration of the simplicity of lace through a wedding dress. This wedding gown has bohemian styled lace intertwined through the gown which creates a beautiful seamless effect in this tight mermaid styled gown. The bodice of this wedding dress has delicate lace that shapes the bust line on this gown, the lace trim is threaded through the back of the gown, perfectly creating symmetry in this lace wedding gown. The thin spaghetti styled straps on this lace wedding gown perfectly match the ivory or nude undertone, as the ivory straps are gorgeous paired with the fresh white lace detailing. The back of this dove gown has a stunning sleek train which is beautiful, as it gradually flares out at the bottom of the dress, creating a slight mermaid silhouette. The edge of the train continues with the bohemian lace trim, beautifully cascading into a curved finish. This wedding gown has optional lace chiffon bell sleeves which perfectly finish this bohemian styled wedding gown. If you want added volume in this gown, an optional tulle over skirt is a perfect match to the lace design. 

The Bromo wedding gown by Pronovias, pictured in the centre is a beautiful lace ballgown wedding dress. The wedding gown has a fairy tale design, with gorgeous tight cuffed lace sleeves, with gorgeous lace detailing that cascades down to the edge of the ballgown tulle skirt. The beauty with this wedding gown, is the structure that the bodice has, with built in boning and bust cups, it ensures you feel comfortable on your wedding day. The back of the bodice has a beautiful sheer lace finish, this backing is great for brides who want a small sexy element to a wedding gown, whilst still having the support in the gown. The lace in this wedding dress creates the perfect fairy tale dress, with the back of the bodice having small detailed buttons that cascade through the gown. If you always imagined being a Princess on your wedding day then this gown is sure to do the trick, with the detailed lace, ballgown skirt and tight sleeves you have everything for the perfect dress. 

The Joy wedding gown featured on the right, is a combination of the first two dresses, as the wedding gown has a tight bodice and a beautiful A-line skirt. The skirt is a perfect amount of volume if you love the ballgown skirt appearance, however want the simplicity of a smaller skirt. The dress has a gorgeous straight neckline with a beautifully paired back line which slightly curves on the back of this dress. The corset styled bodice is available with lining, however as pictured with no lining you can see how stunning the boned and beaded elements of this dress are with the lace being more eye catching from this sheer element. The lace on this gown is different to the other lace wedding dresses pictured, as this floral lace has a 3D feature which flows down the wedding dress creating a fairy tale effect. The beaded details in this Calla Blanche gown is interlaced through the 3D floral lace detailing, which adds a hidden element to the dress that is highly showcased in natural lighting and flash photography. 

6/ Satin Wedding Dresses

Satin fabric is a beautiful combination of lustrous sheen with a delicate silky touch, making this satin material a gorgeous fabric choice for your wedding dress. The comfort and simplicity of this fabric will ensure you feel as beautiful as you will look! One of the simple beauties of this material is how it drapes incredibly well, forming elegant silhouettes with minimal distraction. The satin material is commonly used for tight fitting wedding gowns, as the fabric has a delicacy which is perfect for these silhouettes. The dresses pictured above, are all stunning in their simplicity, with the beautiful sheen of the material being a highlight for these wedding gowns. 

The Ribelia wedding gown pictured in the centre, has a mermaid styled silhouette with a slight cowl neckline, the dress has a beautiful drape feature in the back of the gown which follows on from the stunning neckline. To accentuate the gorgeous satin fabric of this gown, there are beautiful white buttons that trail down the back of the gown. The delicate button detailing finishes where the skirt creates a mermaid silhouette, this perfectly draws attention to the small details in this wedding dress. The thin spaghetti styled straps and the low back are a perfect combination for this simplistic wedding gown. 

The Dolce wedding gown by Calla Blanche Bridal, pictured on the left, has a stunning sheath silhouette with boning through the corset styled bodice. This wedding dress is a perfect demonstration of how structure can be added to a satin styled wedding gown. The boning in the bodice of this gown sits perfectly above the waistline which accentuates all your best features in this figure hugging wedding gown. The slight drape of material over the bust line, through the boat neckline adds elegance to this wedding dress, with the ruching style continuing through the waistline of this dress. There is a stunning lace feature on the back of this gown, which adds an extra touch of femininity through the wedding gown, as the lace details are delicate in the floral pattern and lace trimming. The back of the gown has stunning simple buttons cascading down the train of the wedding gown, this detail on this feature is centred down the long train, adding an extra feature for your guests to admire when you walk down the aisle. The light weight silk satin material is beautiful for a wedding in the warmer months, as you are sure to feel comfortable and supported in this gown. 

The Zara wedding gown, pictured on the right has a stunning A-line silhouette with an off the shoulder bodice. The A-line skirt is beautiful in this satin material, as the sheen of the ivory is breathtaking with the simple features on this wedding gown. The A-line skirt has a gorgeous slit down the side of the gown, making it easier to move and dance in, it is a perfect feature for any wedding dress. The train on this wedding gown has a long length which is a feature point for a simplistic wedding gown, as the photo opportunities are endless. The straight off the shoulder neckline of this gown has a beautiful tight fitting bodice, with a straight drape of fabric which flows onto the back of the gown. One of the best features of this wedding gown, is the pockets that are featured on the side of the dress, as they tie in beautifully with the A-line silhouette of the wedding dress. If you are dreaming of a simple elegant wedding dress, then any of these stunning satin gowns would be perfect for your wedding. 

7/ Beaded Wedding Dresses

Bling can easily be added to a wedding gown which adds extra dimension, detail and sparkle to a wedding dress. Beading, sparkles and lace are beautiful features that can be custom made onto any wedding gown to give it that extra touch it needs to be your perfect wedding gown. Whether you love wedding dresses coated in sparkles and shimmer or you want something more simple, with a beaded bodice or a veil these elements can all be done to your request. 

The Alina wedding gown pictured on the left, has a beautiful lace and beaded pattern through the wedding gown, which is stunning in natural daylight and is stunning pictured through flash photography. The strapless silhouette of this gown has a layer of nude mesh that can be interchanged, which provides support in this wedding gown. The back of the wedding dress showcases the mesh detail, by having ivory buttons trailing up the back of the gown, this feature is such a fairy tale moment and is sure to make everyone shocked at the beauty of this dress. The dress has a sheath fitted silhouette, with the back of the gown showcasing the mermaid tight skirt. The mermaid skirt of this gown sits at the perfect spot under the hips, which beautifully accentuates all your best features. The train on this gown is stunning, as from the back of the dress it transforms, with a simple white mermaid drop there are traces of the beautiful lace intertwined in the fabric. This element in the wedding gown is gorgeous as it divides the dress through your wedding photos, showcasing all of the features in your gown to look back on. 

The Henrietta wedding gown is stunning through the beaded pattern which is enriched through the entire gown. The beaded silhouette of this wedding gown showcases the delicate combination of beading and sparkle in the material of the wedding dress. The tight fitted wedding gown features a sexy element in the bodice of the gown, with a drop V plunging neckline which matches the style of the wedding dress perfectly. The mesh in the centre of the V neckline flows naturally through the remainder of the bodice, with the material being featured on the side of the bodice with small dainty pearls in the mesh. This features adds to the sexy and flirty style that this wedding gown embodies. There are beautiful optional sleeves that can be added to this wedding gown. The beauty of the optional sleeves is the ability they have to easily be removed for the reception or added for photos. This really gives you the transformation of two dresses in one, who doesn't want that for their wedding day? The train on this gown is stunning as it brings attention to all of the small details in the beaded material. 

The ballgown styled wedding dress on the right, the Skellig wedding dress features a beaded bodice with a tulle A-line skirt. This wedding gown demonstrates the ability wedding dresses have to showcase beading in various places, with the beaded bodice being beautiful for this wedding gown. The beading on this gown is intricate in detail, with the pearl and silver droplets being placed in a rainfall formation. This is stunning with the contrast of the ivory tulle cloud like skirt which divides the dress, creating the illusion of a hourglass figure. The wedding dress comes with the option of being customized, with the neckline and straps having the option to be changed, creating the beaded wedding dress of your dreams. The back of the gown shows off the beaded bodice, with the back being slightly lower it creates a stunning shape with the beaded pearls and silver droplets. The tulle element of this skirt adds a perfect amount of volume for the ball gown silhouette. The tulle material is perfect paired with beading as this material has a softness to the dress, perfect for layers in a wedding gown. The tulle material makes a beautiful train on the dress, cascading down the ballgown skirt. 

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