School Formal Dresses - by Jadore

It’s that riveting time of year again! Formal season is upon us and we’ve never been more ready! With Trials and HSC just around the corner, we know things can get a little stressful, faster than we’d want them to, but leave your worries aside, we’ve got you covered x

But before we start window shopping, a quick side route through the Alley of Contemplations, because English lit. shouldn’t annul in the classroom.

A dress is like a relationship. It can be love at first sight or a long-term affair, in essence it’s a marriage of like-mindedness. It is always up to your interpretation of how suited it is for yourself and to your occasion, and sometimes a quirky fit may be exactly what the occasion calls for.

I offer you to finish off your schooling years with an extravagant departure! Whether it be a striking red, a bold affair, or a sequin wonder, prepare to dazzle and inspire! This is your night, so own it.

P.S. A brief side note for every lovely lady. Dresses are created for women, not a woman (unless it’s custom). Please be kind to one another, for every girl deserves to feel special in her dress during the formal x

Now to the marshalling line! Our runners offer a variety of glamourous impressions. 

Our first runner, she's become the Usain Bolt of Jadore Evening, ladies (and gentlemen)...please welcome, Kristen Dress (JX1011) by Jadore Dress. An evening wonder, her subtle embellishing will have you sparkling like the night sky. The regal lace and complements the v-neck cut, creating an ever so elegant aesthetic.


Certain occasions call for bold, statement reds, and this is definitely it! Whether it be a bright red or burgundy, tonight is the night to whip out an iconic wonder, for when's the next time you'll be able to do so (rhetoric).

In order...

Valerie Satin Dress (JX1101) by Jadore Evening - A mermaid style, satin dress. Featuring a conservative v-neck, leg slit and open, tie up back.

Zinnea Dress (JX1111) by Jadore Evening - An off-shoulder, mermaid style dress. Featuring an elegant trail.

Alia Lace Dress J8087 by Jadore Evening - An off-shoulder, mermaid style dress. Featuring a soft lace, available in two tone. 

Ruby Dress (JX052) by Jadore Evening - The sister to Chelsea, Ruby presents an elegant lace top, cascading into a mermaid style with an open leg slit. Her long mesh and lace embroided sleeves, gift an elegant, classic feature. 

Ivy Dress (JX1027) by Jadore Evening - Bound by satin, a fabric we usually tend to fray away from due to its infamous ability to cling to the spots we dream of covering, Ivy follows no such regime. Ruched at the waist, she provides an effortlessly slimming appearance. Featuring a conservative v-neck and a side leg split.

Naomi Dress (JX1016) by Jadore Evening - Crafted from organza, Naomi habiuates a light, flowy fit. Constructed with a conservative v-neck cut and leg slit, she's a stunning feature against any light. 

A minimalistic aesthetic with a mermaid style structure, the Fiona Formal Dress (JX1047)  by Jadore Evening, is just as outstanding as the princess she was named after.

Craving a classic black but not gothic? Betty and Sienna are your go to girls. 

A two-tone aesthetic, the Betty Dress (JX1106) by Jadore Evening is a beautiful evening option. Overcoated with a light mesh layering and floral embellishments, displacing excess emphasis on the v-neck, creating a subtle attraction trasferring the focus onto the silhouette and detailing. 

The Sienna Dress (JX1067) by Jadore Evening, embellished with curly cued sequins, this off-shoulder wonder with a cheeky high frontal slit, creates a glimmering impression. 

As iconic as Marilyn Monroe, the Marilyn Sequin Dress (JX039) by Jadore Evening is our rising star. This mermaid style, with a slimming bustier, is flattering on all figures and her sequin tiger stripes makes her all the more exceptional. 

We wish you a wonderful night, 

Forever and Fashionably Yours x

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