Scarlet by Luce Sposa

Brand: Luce Sposa
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A stunning nude fishtail dress with mesh wedges in the skirt and a small tail. The corset with detachable cups has elegant embroidered straps, fastens with a zipper on the back, and has internal lacing. The entire dress is made of beaded embroidered lace glitter mesh and is additionally embroidered with sequins, beads, and crystal.
The dress is presented with accessories:
- detachable sleeves made of the same beaded lace as the dress, complemented by handmade embroidery and small bows.
- a detachable mesh cape with a hood and mittens that adds a touch of drama and romance - decorated with delicate handmade embroidery made of sequins and beads.

gloves for $135


collection; miracle 

size; 4-20

colour; original, white






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