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The Calla Blanche Marilyn is one of our best sellers at our wedding dresses Sydney shop, in Wahroonga. The Calla Blanche Marilyn is a gorgeous lace wedding dress and mermaid wedding dress perfect for the modern bride. The Calla Blanche Marilyn is fro

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We have recently got some new arrivals to our store and we absolutely love them! These Calla Blanche Bridal new arrivals feature lots of lace, beading and intricate detail. These dresses are perfect for the modern bride and if you're looking for a le

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Calla Blanche Bridal is just one of the designers we have available in store at our bridal shop Wahroonga. Calla Blanche is all about the lace and has gorgeous sequins and embellishments. Calla Blanche Bridal is for the modern bride and the dresses a