Elle Zeitoune: School formal dresses and bridesmaids dresses!

If you are looking for something a bit different for this formal season, or even for your bridesmaids, check out our range of Elle Zeitoune dresses! The Elle Zeitoune range is perfect for the upcoming formal season, as well as some gorgeous dres

Shona Joy Bridesmaids Dresses: White, Cream, Pink and Nude Dresses!

At Fashionably Yours, we aim to cater to all styles and all budgets! Our range of Shona Joy dresses are some of the most popular for bridesmaids as they offer stunning dresses of amazing quality for under 300 dollars! Shona Joy's styles suit women of

Elle Zeitoune: Evening Dresses, Bridal Party Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Formal Dresses

Our range of Elle Zeitoune Dresses offer plenty of variations for any occassion, whether it's a wedding, engagement or birthday party, Elle Zeitoune has a dress for you! This stunning brand holds both cocktail and full length dresses, suitable for br

Shona Joy Bridesmaids Dresses: Burgundy and white bridesmaids dresses

The Shona Joy range is one of our popular bridesmaids dresses range. The Shona Joy range features core styles, which are available in 19 different colours. These core styles are perfect for mixing and matching bridesmaids and are a more casual cockta

Shona Joy Bridesmaids Dresses: burgundy white and grey

One of our newest ranges to land in store is the Shona Joy bridesmaids range. The Shona Joy range feature 4 classic core styles, available in up to 19 colours, as well as a luxe range available in 9 different ruffle styles. The core range retails for