Navy Bridesmaids Dresses...the latest

It's the engagement season and we love this time of year! It's the most exciting part after just getting engaged and going shopping for your bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. It can often be daunting starting out not knowing what colour scheme you are going for, what style you like, what style your bridesmaids like and not to mention what suits you! At Fashionably Yours we pride ourselves on a large selection of both bridal and bridesmaids dresses and can help you start looking and narrow down what you actually want! The latest trend for this season is the navy dresses! Navy can be a super flattering colour for your bridesmaids- not only is it slimming but it also suits everyone's skin tone, so no need to worry about your pale friends!! The navy is also perfect for the winter wedding! If you are getting married during the winter months think deep colours. Navy will also get you away from the traditional "bridesmaid pink" which every bridal party seems to wear these days! 

When it comes to the dresses you need to decide whether you are going to be the decision maker or you are happy to let your bridesmaids have some input! Shopping can often be stressful, especially if you get to the shop and your bridesmaid throws a tantrum because she doesn't want to wear a particular dress. If you decide from the beginning that you have a particular style in mind and let them know, usually they will go with the flow! Often giving bridesmaids an opinion and letting them make the choice can actually become more confusing- then you open up to every single bridesmaid having a different opinion or someone deciding they don't want to wear it anymore. 

You need to look at your selection of bridesmaids and see what suits their body shape. You obviously want them to feel good in the dresses as they are going to be wearing them all day and are standing up in front of all those people as well! You don't want them to feel self- conscious the whole day. 

Shop Chelsea Dress (8033) HERE

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These two styles are beautiful if you love a fitted dress for your bridesmaids. The Chelsea dress has a beautiful lace train and lace bodice to add the extra detail to the dress if the Honour is too simple for your taste. Remember that bridesmaids are meant to compliment the bride, and make her stand out. The colour navy is perfect for this as the dark colour will extenuate your ivory dress! The particular dresses are quite fitted so keep in mind your bridesmaids will need to feel comfortable in them!

Shop Cece Dress (6025) HERE

Shop Dancia Dress (JX041) HERE

And to compare, of course, we have the flowier bridesmaids dresses. These are a bit more traditional styles for bridesmaids dresses! However, because you are avoiding the bridesmaid pink colour with the navy, they still don't look like traditional bridesmaid dresses- if you are looking for something a bit different. These flowy styles can compliment your dress if you've got a fitted silhouette style dress. It will also ensure your bridesmaids are comfortable, and can eat, sit down etc without having to hold everything in all day. The Cece dress (pictured on the left) is also great for girls with bigger busts, as we always recommend a V neck for bustier girls. This dress also allows your girls to wear a normal bra which can be helpful for bigger chested girls as strapless or no bra often don't work for them! Also no need to worry about your girls having to pull up their dresses all day! The halter neck dress, the Dancia, is also a stunning bridesmaid dress for something a little bit different. The beaded bodice adds a little sparkle to the dresses, which can compliment your dress if you have some beading on your dress as well!